Offset Printing


It takes experience to put ink to paper with consistency, accuracy and the utmost finesse. From the first impression to the twenty thousandth, we capture more than your message — we protect your brand. Using state-of-the-art software, hardware and press equipment, we execute and deliver on your vision.

From a pure equipment standpoint we have effectively engineered our print process for efficiency and speed. The Karat 74 Digital Imaging Press combines high-quality waterless sheet-fed offset printing with a fully digital workflow and direct to plate imaging automation. It also creates a brilliant color with a sharp dot while still maintaining the finest gradations, and has quick drying, in-line aqueous coating capabilities. High production speeds make it possible to print jobs cost-effectively. ASAPfast’s two Karat 74 presses run continuously in shifts to provide the fastest turnaround time for the most cost-effective price for any print project.

ASAPfast  Printing at a Glance:

  • Flexible — Offering offset, DI and digital printing for your large, medium or small print runs
  • Convenient — Accepting art files, Mac or PC, on CD or via electronic FTP transfer
  • Thorough — Providing soft, laser, color and online proofing methods
  • Green — Offering chemical-free imaging, VOC-less printing and waterless offset
  • Responsive — We’re emergency print/mail capable because we can run 24-hours a day and keep everything in one facility
  • Secure — Protected mailing list processing ensures that your records remain yours alone
  • Talented — Our team is continually trained and updated on all industry advancement


In addition, we’re committed to ensuring our process is environmentally friendly. Visit Sustainability to learn more.