Whether it’s a Pick & Pack or a Custom Fulfillment project, ASAPfast has the operation and experience to fulfill your needs.

With 20 years of experience in the Washington DC marketplace, ASAPfast has provided an array of fulfillment services for our customers ranging from trade associations to universities, publishing companies, corporations, high tech firms and governmental entities….plus many more.

ASAPfast provides a full range of distribution services such as order collection, inventory management, fulfillment, customer care, order transmission, returns processing, accounts receivable management as well as shipping and other logistic services.
ASAPfast can streamline all of your fulfillment needs whether it is a Pick ‘n Pack day to day or week to week need or a one-time custom fulfillment project with a start date and an end date.

ASAPfast’s order management system is purely web based that allows us to tie directly into your site and at any junction so not to interfere with how you interface with your customers. Or we can be the sole provider of the online front end tailored to your complete fulfillment needs.
Maybe you have a custom fulfillment project. One that involves something very specific and is packaged and distributed over a certain period of time to various members or customers. Our operation at ASAPfast provides the management of the project’s needs as well as setting up the assembly line process for a timely turnaround of your custom project.
ASAPfast’s inventory systems track everything throughout our entire operation here keeping a very accurate count and tight control of all of your products we will store in our storage facility located here at ASAPfast. With a 1,000 pallet storage capacity, we can inventory and manage all of our clients product needs. Whether they are publications to DVD’s to Advertising Specialties to much, much more. ASAPfast’s advanced systems monitors all of our clients materials providing them with low balance counts, automated stock reconciliations, accurate valuations of all clients materials on hand at ASAPfast and including many reports that can be easily pulled online detailing many aspects of our clients inventory here at ASAPfast.
So whether your fulfillment needs are ongoing or few and far between, ASAPfast is prepared to handle all aspects of your needs and provide you with the management that you demand.

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