Digital Printing

digital printing

The business of printing has changed with the advent of the Digital Press. No longer are short-run projects subject to the constraints of long-run presses and high setup costs. The economizing of the printing your short-run needs has now become a reality.

Using ASAPfast’s Digital Printing process allows you to have a wide array of your small projects become instantaneous for a number of items:

  • Postcards
  • Booklets
  • Posters
  • Folded Self-Mailers
  • …..All personalized if you wish on the fly….and all IMMEDIATELY!


How “Variable” is Variable?

With the roll out of the Digital Press over the years we have seen many advancements. ASAPfast is a student of our customer’s needs. And their largest need was to maintain a very high level of print quality yet keeping their printing costs both reasonable and competitive……AND FAST! ASAPfast continues to bring that to our customers by bringing in the right equipment at the right time.

And NOW is the right time!

Within the past year ASAPfast’s expansion into Digital Printing was not only to meet certain needs of our clients short-run needs, but to also present them with the ability to introduce a “Variable” aspect to their printing needs. By having a broader control over certain aspects of both the data and the images DURING the printing process, this allows ASAPfast’s customers to introduce variable integration of their artwork and data files to a degree that they have never done before.

How can we bring this flexibility to your marketing and membership needs? Please don’t hesitate to contact us!