Data Management

Your single point of contact at ASAPfast has many years of experience managing projects, and a vital part of that is making sure the data is handled in the manner that you would expect.

Processing Multiple Files. We start with identifying the makeup of the project. Is it one data file or many. Do the files get source coded? Are we just sending out a self mailer or is the data involved with a personalized letter? Identifying the important elements to the makeup of the data file or files is essential to making sure your project is managed all the way through to completion. Our team of experienced data processing specialists will ensure the project exceeds your satisfaction.

NCOA… or National Change Of Address. We goes back as far as 48 months to check when your names and addresses last submitted a change of address. Any updates we make to your data files belong to you and are yours to keep.

Speed of Processing. Whether we are processing 1 or 100 files, we have the experience and systems in place to ensure a rapid turnaround of the processing of your data. Typically all data processing is ready the next business day. If additional processing is required for a more complex project, we will have your data prepped and ready within 48 hours.

Track Your Mail. Yes, in addition to using the Intelligent Bar Codes on all of your mail that we process and deliver to USPS, we also apply a Tracking Code. After your mail is processed by and delivered to USPS, you are provided with a link that allows you to track your mail pieces from posting to delivery. You will have the knowledge of how many mail pieces have been delivered, percentage of delivery in each state and by zip code at your fingertips. This can prove to be critical information if you’re timing out a direct mail campaign for an upcoming conference or trade show.