Case Study

The American Association for the Advancement of Science seeks to advance science, engineering, and innovation throughout the world for the benefit of all people. Through their Acquisition and Appeal mailings AAAS is able to promote and fund their efforts. Everyone at ASAPfast can fully relate to the striving for innovation through those that we serve and connect with. As the single point of contact, ASAPfast’s Project Manager, coordinated all aspects of the Data to Mailing processes, as well as coordinated with the USPS.

Project Description:
Multi data file merge/purge, printing of ALL components that makes up the mailers, roll to roll high speed laser personalization of various letters, mail processing services and coordination with the USPS

Offset Printing, Data Processing, Laser Personalization (continuous form), Lettershop services and logistical services with the USPS

Stage 1:

Our Project Manager ensures the multitude data files and their processing are organized and processed to client specifications, as well as oversees all data file and artwork transfers for all components to be offset printed. Accuracy is key to ensure the final product meets the demands of AAAS!

While Data Processing is preparing the output files for production, our Project Manager is overseeing the artwork’s layout with the Graphics department here to ensure a timely turnaround of the proofs for the various components of the mailing package. Before printing begins, we review all aspects of the artwork and data files to ensure AAAS is within full compliance of the USPS requirements and that we obtain the fastest and lowest cost method of distribution with the USPS.

Stage 2:

Printing Services begin after approvals from the client ranging from the letters and carriers to other materials being generated for the mailing package.

Stage 3:

Laser Personalization begins of the letters following a through set of live proofs reviewed by the client for their approval. ASAPfast’s continuous form method allows for the fastest personalization of the letters within a single day and allowing them to be further prepared for Lettershop services.

Stage 4:

Lettershop Services proceeds. ASAPfast has acquired the fastest inserting equipment in the industry utilizing the Pitney Bowes FlowMasters allowing AAAS’s mailers to be fully inserted and made ready at a speed of 12,000 pieces per hour. Simply put… our customer realizes a turnaround of their mail services needs within 1 day. And for a project that has a very high quantity ASAPfast was able to process it in a very short time.

Speed… Efficiency… Accuracy… Cost Effective… and managed by one person who is skilled in ALL areas of Print to Mail Services.